Curley's Wife - Tasty Tempress Or Innocent Victim

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Curley’s Wife has no name and is initially seen as the possession of her husband. She is also a good-looking lady who wears quite a bit of makeup, form-fitting dresses, and ostrich feathered-high heels. As the only woman on the ranch, Curley’s wife is lonely and sad – something her marriage to Curley only makes worse. She reveals throughout the course of the story that she is unhappy in her marriage because her husband seems to care little for her, and is really more interested in talking about himself than anything else. She’s just self-obsessed, and unable to judge herself and her position honestly. It seems at every chance she gets, Curley’s wife likes to talk about her lost opportunities. She speaks of a traveling actor who told her she could join their show, without gathering that this is a pretty standard pick-up line. Same with the offer to go to Hollywood: Curley’s wife has convinced herself that her mother stole the letter, rather than realize the men weren’t really interested in her for any actual talent. Curley’s wife’s obsession with herself ultimately leads to her death. She knows Lennie is supposed to stay away from her, but thrives on his attention and wants his praise for her soft hair. It is not coincidental that she ends up losing her life because she didn’t want Lennie to mess up her hair. This final event sums up Curley’s wife’s role fairly neatly. Steinbeck presents Curley as a woman with huge dreams and hopes who aspires to be famous in Hollywood and life a king size life. Unfortunately for her, her parents don't let her do what she wants cause the consider her way to young. It shows that people had big dreams those days and they were very
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