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Pause Questions: Chapter 1: 1. How is the reader led to believe that the narrator is a good listener? Why should we pause to consider if we believe him? The reader is led to believe that the narrator is a good listener because, of the vivid detail in which he describes others not only that but the narrator is not one to speak often, most of his time is spent listening. On the other hand on the subject of whether he’s reliable I’d say no. Nick sees everything in a very personally abstract manner; he has his own descriptive, whimsical and often judgmental way of describing people. 2. Why should we pause and consider the descriptions of East Egg and West Egg as being more than casual descriptions of setting? How do the two locations…show more content…
How does Nick catch Gatsby in the middle of a lie? How are we, the readers, supposed to feel about Gatsby? Nick catches Gatsby in an outright lie about how he came to have so much money. Gatsby had first suggested he inherited all of his money, then suggests it took him 3 years to earn the money to build his house. He poorly covers his mistake by saying “ I lost most of it in the big panic- the panic of the war” and doesn’t make much sense, because he doesn’t seem to have any idea what he’s actually talking about. Then when asked what business he was in, He replies to nick who is apparently an “old sport” or a good friend with “ That’s my affair”, rude, and quite secretive. 2. Why does Daisy start to cry when she sees all of Gatsby’s beautiful shirts? Really unpack the symbolic possibilities. Gatsby didn’t marry Gatsby because he was poor, and Tom was rich, in the simplest of terms. But when you delve deeper the problem for Daisy now is that her marriage with Tom is a failure, and a man she loves, rich beyond his means, has basically knocked on her door asking for her. I think Daisy sobs not only because now Gatsby is a class above her, but she know they can never be together. She comes from one social status the wealthy, sophisticated community of West egg. And Gatsby comes form West Egg, the supposedly less glamorous area, but he is much richer than she is or most within her social status. 3. Who is Klipspringer? What is his possible importance? (If nothing…show more content…
It’s not only a surface meaning of a green light or a go symbol, or even Gatsby’s desire for Daisy. The green light is just a green light but Gatsby takes it as the embodiment of his dreams and his future. The green light is also across the pier just as Daisy is on the other end at East Egg. It could represent Gatsby’s envy for the perfect appearing life Daisy leads with Tom. The green light also could symbolize the purity of Gatsby’s desire, how lonely he really is, how he just wanted to rebuild himself how he was striving to be accepted by people in Tom’s social class, how he wanted success but he dropped out of college, oxford at that which could have given him everything he wanted but it took to long. He was impatient, in a hurry, to have the perfect life. But the light is at the other end of the pier, far, distant, impossible. That is why I now find the green light so beautiful because at the end of chapter 5, when Daisy, Nick, and Gatsby are looking out the window and you can’t see the light and it says “ ... he seemed absorbed in what he had just said. Possibly it had occurred to him that the colossal significance of that light had now vanished forever.”, and Fitzgerald foreshadows to the inevitable failure and doom that Gatsby’s life is to become, and it just leaves me in awe of the talent and the power Fitzgerald

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