Duddy Kravits Essay

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Obsession to Destruction Duddy Kravitz grows up with the perception that money is the main goal in life. He makes it his objective to achieve this goal regardless of the consequences. He truly believes that money and land equals success and happiness. Duddy Kravitz, being born in a relatively poor family, strives to make more money than his father. On the other hand his uncle, Benjy, is relatively rich and this allows Duddy to understand the benefits of wealth. This combination of wanting to make more money than his father and having the opportunity to observe through his uncle the benefits of being rich influences the basis of this obsession in Duddy. The obsession itself comes in to effect when Duddy’s grandfather tells him these five words: “A man without land is nobody.”(49) In Mordecai Richler’s novel The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz we examine Duddy’s obsession for money and land to the point that the relationships of those around him are ruined. Most noticeable of these ruined relationships is the one with his family. Duddy’s relationship with his friends also takes a toll because of this obsession of his. Most interesting is that this obsession for money ultimately leads to the demise of his business, which is the main source of his income. Duddy’s obsession to acquire this land ruins his relationship with the two people he loves most, his father, Max and his grandfather, Simcha. Duddy first damages his relationship with his father by stealing his taxi cab. “They found Max at Eddy’s, and he was furious, ‘who do u think you are?,’ he said ‘that you can run off with my car for three days? Just like that.” (213). Being a cab driver he needed the car to make money and Duddy took that possible income away from his own father for personal benefits. Duddy’s obsession for money led him to commit this act because he needed to deliver the pinball machines that he
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