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Using the literary archetype, ‘hero’s journey’, it is possible to compare and contrast two stories to one movie. The short stories, The Wedding Gift, A Rose for Emily, and the movie, Alice in Wonderland will all be compared based on the hero’s journey. The heroines that are going to be mentioned will be Kezia Barnes from The Wedding Gift, Alice Kingsleigh from Alice in Wonderland, Emily Grierson from A Rose for Emily. Kezia Barnes is an orphaned child raised by the Barnes family. They consider her a burden, but have found a use for her, marry her off to the Mr Hathaway so they could keep him as a business partner. Alice Kingsleigh, on the other hand comes from a wealthy family. She is nineteen years old and the expectation of the society in which she lives expects her to get married, an unwanted marriage. Emily Grierson is the final heroine. She is much like Alice in the sense that she comes from a wealthy family, but there is one key difference from the other two heroines, her father does not want her to get married. He shields her from men and from society making her socially awkward. They all involve setting off on a journey to seek out a different side of them, whether it will be to get more confidence, or to lose it all. The contrasting pair, A Rose for Emily and Alice in Wonderland will be up first. The two heroines being contrasted are Emily Grierson and Alice Kingsleigh. Emily Grierson truly wanted to get married and meet men, but while her father was alive, she was not permitted to socialize and meet men. “We remembered all the young men her father had driven away…” (Faulkner 4) Due to her father’s overprotectiveness, she did not know how to flirt with men, so when a fellow by the name of Homer came by, she fell in love with him knowing that he was not the marrying type. Instead of using her charms to win him over, she lost all confidence once her
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