Mistress Hibbins Essay

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Miranda Rubio Rubio 1 Mrs. Lynsey Barry American & British Literature & Composition 11 September 2013 Mistress Hibbins Mistress Hibbins is a symbol of the hypocrisy in the puritan life-style. The Puritans believe in a simple way of life, yet they call Mistress Hibbins a witch for preferring to be in the forest. Though she is merely a “bitter-tempered (Hawthorne 113)” woman the townspeople are afraid of her. “The crowd gave way before her, and seemed to fear the touch of her garment (Hawthorne 236).” Mistress Hibbins should be considered an excellent example of a good puritan woman. She shuns the luxuries of her brother’s mansion, for the quiet comforts of Gods creation. She abstains from the town gossip circles, for time alone to allow more time for inner reflection. These characteristics should make her a good role model but instead she is simple labeled as a witch for her peculiarities. She is so misunderstood that even a so-called devil child can see her goodness “What is it, good Mistress Hibbins? (Hawthorne 237)” Mistress Hibbins is a lonely, widower that misses her husband and wants to be with him. For that reason she doesn’t try to appeal the charges laid against her for being a witch. She allows them to speculate about her and even plays it up a bit by referring to the Blackman. Like when she invites Hester to come and perform a ceremony with her, “Wilt thou go with us tonight? There will be a merry company in the forest; and I well-nigh promised the Black Man that comely Hester Prynne should make one (Hawthorne Rubio 2 113).” She plays up this label usually applied to her so she can end her life soon and thus be with her Lord and beloved husband. Another way Mistress Hibbins shows this theme is that, she the governors sister, is allowed to go about her business unreproached even thought it is believed by the whole town
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