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Analysis Of Gwendolyn Brooks' "A Song In The Front Yard"

  • Submitted by: Johilckxiwm
  • on September 27, 2009
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Gwendolyn Brooks' "A Song in the Front Yard"
p. 540

Tom Hill
English 260
Mrs. G. Carpenter
June 11,   2009

"A Song in the Front Yard" by Gwendolyn Brooks shows two different classes one being a young white girl in her front yard, and the other being the young black girls in the neighborhood.   Brooks pokes fun at the fact that the white girl envy's the black girls and wishes she could play with them, the narrator for the piece being from a older version of the young white girl, where as the black girls probably feel the same way wishing that they could live in a nicer house without a care in the world.   The first three stanzas are used as the setting, preparation, and meeting in the piece respectively with the final stanza representing the narrator's resolve and ending of the poem.
The first stanza is the setting for the poem which is stated in the first line of the poem, "I've stayed in the front yard all my life."   So this is saying that the narrator is sitting in her front yard playing by herself where the second line states that she wishes she could go to the back yard instead with, "I want to peek at the back."   She then goes on to describe it being different than the front in that it is not as neat or tidy and much more messy with, "rough and untended and hungry weed."   So this gives the readers the sense that the narrator does not want to stay in the relative safety of the front yard and wants to be a little more adventurous by going into the back she "gets sick of a rose" which is a metaphor comparing the rose to the front yard since it is pretty and neat yet she is tired of only having a rose to look at and playing by herself the entire time.   She is tired of the boring safety and unexciting back yard and wishes to venture in the back which is the exact opposite.
The second stanza represents the preparation of the poem where the narrator starts out by describing the back yard and what she'll find there.   The first line says that she...

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  • Submitted by: Johilckxiwm
  • on September 27, 2009
  • Category: Arts and Music
  • Length: 997 words
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