A Song In The Front Yard Poem

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Analysis of Gwendolyn Brooks' "A Song in the Front Yard" p. 540 Tom Hill English 260 Mrs. G. Carpenter June 11, 2009 "A Song in the Front Yard" by Gwendolyn Brooks shows two different classes one being a young white girl in her front yard, and the other being the young black girls in the neighborhood. Brooks pokes fun at the fact that the white girl envy's the black girls and wishes she could play with them, the narrator for the piece being from a older version of the young white girl, where as the black girls probably feel the same way wishing that they could live in a nicer house without a care in the world. The first three stanzas are used as the setting, preparation, and meeting in the piece respectively with the final stanza…show more content…
She is tired of the boring safety and unexciting back yard and wishes to venture in the back which is the exact…show more content…
The first two lines she says that she does not care if playing with them makes her grow up to be a "bad woman." At this point it is obvious that she is thoroughly bored with the front yard and wants nothing to do with it anymore. In the last two lines she says that would like to wear the same "night-black lace" stockings which means she even is bored of the probable white cloths that her mother makes her ware to be more proper which means she completely wants to break away from her mother's extreme of how she should act and the way she wishes to act. The last line she says that she would like to go down the road with "paint" on her face. Which means she does not care if she gets dirty while playing with the other children. Where as her mother would not like that very much. However it is made apparent that since the narrator never talks about doing any of these activities, she just wishes to do

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