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In Sherman Alexie’s Novel Reservation Blues he explores the confinement of the Spokane Native American way of life. The of life that has been given to them by the American Government. He explores this by displaying the harsh truths of having no hope or seeing a future through the eyes of characters he uses. He alludes to the book title by the difficulties seen at the reservation through the lyrics he puts before each chapter and the conflicts that arise such as their culture being taken away, their abandonment, and lack of guidance. In American society we have many different heredities and nationalities that all have different cultures attach to them. Cultures such the Spokane culture that Alexie writes about in his novel. In the Spokane culture they catch salmon for food. It’s a way of life for them, they have been brought up on this way of life since they were born. “Thomas was not surprised by Victor’s sudden violence. These little wars were intimate affairs for those who dreamed in childhood of fishing for salmon but woke up as adult to shop at the trading post.” The quote from above is a small telling of what Sherman Alexie was trying to get his readers to notice. To notice that the Spokane Native American way of life was being taken by them and instead of replacing what they have lost, a compensation of sorts, the American government has given them a custom not fitting for their way of life. Because the government was taken away what was rightfully theirs the Spokanes react to it in different ways. Such as the violence mentioned in the quote above and the many times alcohol was mentioned throughout out the novel. Another example Alexie gives the readers is nn chapter five, he uses these song lyrics: “My braids were cut off in the name of Jesus, To make me look white, my tongue was cut out in the name of Jesus, So I would not speak what’s right, My

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