What Phrase Does Mustapha Mond Use When Children Begin Playing Around Him

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BOOK REPORT: BRAVE NEW WORLD 1. Title of Book: Brave New World 2. Author: Aldous Huxley 3. Type of Book: Futuristic/Novel 4. Protagonist: John 5. Antagonist: The World State 6. Write a paragraph describing the protagonist, including physical and individual character traits- John first enters the story by showing an interest in participating in the Indians religious ritual. The Indians do not allow him to be a part of their ritual, being the reason the tribe considers him an outsider. This demonstrates a huge cultural divide between him and the World State Society. Since Bernard and Lenina see the tribal ritual as disgusting, John becomes the central character of the novel. Being rejected by both the Indians, and the…show more content…
Class Consciousness Which two items are baby Deltas conditioned to shun? books and roses How long does Lenina date Henry Foster? four months When does hypnopaedia take place? during sleep In Huxley's future world, sexual play between children is: encouraged What best defines "viviparous?" live birth What Biblical phrase does Mustapha Mond use when children begin playing around him? Suffer the children What kind of medicine is Lenina's belt full of? contraceptives What is the name of the hallucinatory drug administered to each person by the state? Soma Which character shows contempt for the social control devices of the state? Bernard Marx How long does Lenina say that she and Bernard will go on vacation? one week What does Benito Hoover offer to Bernard Marx on the elevator? soma Which of these is not Helmholtz Watson's job? Controller What is Bernard Marx's main shortcoming? his physique What hymn is sung at the Solidarity Service that Bernard attends? Orgy-Porgy Which game does Bernard say he was playing after arriving late to the Solidarity Service? Obstacle

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