Shc31 of Childcare Level 3 Essay

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SHC31-3.5 Explain how to access extra support or services to enable individuals to communicate effectively. In order to communicate effectively there are many ways to access extra support in the form of translation, interpretation, speech and language, and advocacy services. These services can be from professionals and can be also from multi-lingual people. Regarding people with English language as their second language, they need support with English. This can be provided by multi-lingual people who can be the teachers, some relatives or friends that act as interpreters or translators. If it is a public service such as a court, official translator or interpreter is provided. Moreover advocacy services are mostly delivered by the local authorities for children, young people, their families and carers in order to get advice and tailored services according to their needs. For instance, regarding communication, local authorities can plan for and enable services such as speech and language therapists for people with speech and language difficulties or provide short English courses to adults having English language difficulties. Further people with speech and language difficulties may find it hard to speak clearly, express themselves using language or understand language. These people need the support of speech and language therapists. They ensure that people with hearing or speech impairment can be effectively communicated with. This could be achieved through many ways such as exercises, advice for parents, teachers and other professionals to use alternative and augmentative methods of communication. Alternative methods are ways of communicating without using speech such as the British Sigh Language while augmentative methods are used alongside speech to help people make sense of what is being said. For instance, in my setting, there was a Turkish

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