Shc 24 Introduction of Duty of Care in Health and Social Care of Children and Young People's Settings

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Task1 Duty of care means that you must do everything that you can to keep the people who you care for safe from harm.It is not only the care establishment that needs to prioritise safety, welfafre and the intrests of the people using its services but also the care workers of the establishment. Also your employer has a duty of care to their staff to ensure that their working conditions are safe ans suitable. The duty of care affects my own work role as i am a support worker so i have to ensure i carry out a duty of care to all the clients i work with for example if one of the clients had 3 seizures in a row lasting over 3mins and i didnt ring an ambulance because another tennent ( their partner) told me they would be fine and not to, i would be breaching my duty of care becaus esomething could be seriously wrong with that tenannt and i would putting them in danger. The dilemmas that may arrise between the duty of care and the individuals rights for example could be, two of the tennants are in a relationship. But one of the tennants keep making accusations of their partner inapproperiately touching them then retracting what they saying and saying they lied. You have a duty of care to protect that client but also they have a right to be in a relationship if they wish to. If you do have any dilemmas taht may arrise between the duty of care and an individuals rights, you may get advice and additional support form your duty manager. If there is no management in then you have an on call phone number to ring to get advice and support. Task 2 If a client has come to you with a complaint then you must document it all down and tell your duty manager as soon as possible and they will deal with it depending on what sort of complaint it actually is. If a clients family member comes to you with a complaint then you should appologise for any inconvinience
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