Share Our Olympic dream with the whole world

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July 13th 2001. for Beijing, for China , was really a special day, which the 13 hundred million people of China will never forget. On that day, Beijing succeeded bidding for the 2008 Olympic Games, since then, Beijing 2008 has become the common dream of all the Chinese people, and the most beautiful dream of Beijing. I still remembered the words that Ms Yang Lan said at that exciting night,“I believe that Beijing will prove to be a land of wonders for the athletes, spectators and visitors in 2008.” Now, her promise is fulfilled. At present, most of the Olympic stadiums have been completed. More and more people, man or woman, old and young are doing their best to contribute to the Olympics, thousands of trees are planted in Beijing to meet the standard of “Green Olympic”. In addition to 100,000 game-time volunteers who work directly for the games, 400,000 volunteers will offer their serious all around the city. These show the Chinese people’s enthusiasm for the Olympics and extend the hospitality of Beijing. Martin Luther King is my idol.What I learned from him is to have a dream and try to realize it. My dream is to become a volunteer of the Olympics. I dream to stage in the Olympic Village for the benefit of the athletes during the games.I dream to receive foreign guests from various countries with high-quality services, to show them the beauty, history, culture, and the receivement of China. And I dream to publicize the peace, friendship of our nation and broaden the understanding of Olympic ideal. Surely, itneeds dedication and efferts to realize the dream. However I believe I will succeed just as I believe China is fully capable of making the 29th Olympic Games a success. To reach the Olympic motto “Swifter, Higher, and Stronger”, one athlete must be stronger physically or more skillful. So all of us should think about that what
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