How Did Neil Armstrong Contribute To The American Dream

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Bob Mrs. Allen Honors English III September 5th, 2012 Daring to Dream Most all citizens of the United States of America believe that they can achieve the American Dream because of the opportunities afforded to us by our freedom if we work aggressively each day towards the goal. While the dream itself may be different for each individual, it is the idea of achieving the dream that has made the American people grow and prosper for over two-hundred years. The illustration of the American Dream given to us by Neil Armstrong exhibits the life achievements that can be obtained when you make the most of opportunities put before you through hard work and efforts. Neil Armstrong’s life embodies the very essence of the American dream through his life achievements. Obviously, Neil A. Armstrong was the first person to traverse across the rocky soil of the moon. While he may have reached the apex of his American Dream with that first historical step on the moon’s surface, Mr. Armstrong realized many accomplishments over a period of numerous years. He began a humble career as an engineer, then progressed into that of test pilot, and on to that of astronaut. In addition, he impressively served as…show more content…
Armstrong was provided with many opportunities that continued to shape not only his professional career but his personal life. He flew aircraft that included a multitude of makes and models of aircraft. He was provided the advantage of attending multiple colleges, which nonetheless encouraged him to continue to chase his dream”NASA- National Aeronautics and Space Administration.” In addition to his dreams of outer space exploration, Neil Armstrong was awarded the American Dream of a wife and family. A successful career and a family to share it with seemed to be the very lifeblood of his dream. None of this would have been achieved without the vast opportunities we are granted simply by being American

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