Sexual Trauma Essay

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TABLE OF CONTENTS TASK ONE DEFINITION OF SEXUAL TRAUMA 2 PERSONAL VIEW OF SEXUAL OFFENDERS PERSONAL VIEW OF SEXUAL SURVIVORS MY PERSONAL ATTITUDE AND ATTRIBUTES TASK FOUR LAWS GOVERNING SEXUAL ABUSE AND SEXUAL OFFENDERS PROFFESSIONAL SERVICES OFFERED FOR SEXUAL OFFENDERS TASK ONE DEFINITION OF SEXUAL TRAUMA The Penguin dictionary of Psychology, defines sexual trauma as ‘ any trauma of a sexual nature. A disturbing or anxiety producing event relating to sex that has a lasting effect on sexual adjustment.’ Sexual trauma is any lingering physical, emotional and psychological symptom resulting from : * a physical assault of a sexual nature * battery of a sexual nature * sexual harassment . Sexual trauma refers to a sexual situation that causes intense fear because the victim is exposed to it in a state of passivity and unpreparedness. Sexual trauma is an assault on a person using force and conducting an unwanted sexual act on the victim. Sexual trauma induces fear, shame, mental suffering and physical pain and injury. The effects of sexual trauma are long lasting and effects all aspects of the person’s life. Time, counselling and support are crucial for the healing process of the victim. SEXUAL TRAUMA WITH REFERENCE TO ARTICLE 1 This article is about a fifteen year old girl that was exposed to sexual abuse at the age of six years old. She came from a broken home and there was no one to express love and affection towards. She was abused by her cousin who was a police officer. Her trauma started when he made her watch pornography with him when she was six years old and would then touch himself intimately and then would touch her. She was eigth years old when he raped her and she never anything to anyone about being raped. At six years old this child was looking for love and affection

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