Safeguarding Assignment for Hsc Level 3

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Task A – Booklet How you can recognise signs of abuse. Physical abuse This typically involves hitting, biting, shaking, burning or scalding, throwing, force feeding, suffocating or anything else that causes physical harm to the individual. There may be various visible marks on the person’s body to indicate abuse such as bruising, burns, bed sores or fractures. Depression or unexplained weight loss may also be an indicator. Sexual abuse Typically involves forcing a person to engage in sexual activities or indulge in sexually inappropriate behaviour; penetrative acts, including buggery or rape; non penetrative acts such as watching sexual activities or viewing inappropriate sexual activity on the internet etc. The results of sexual abuse can include pregnancy, STD’s, stained or torn underwear, bruising, genital soreness, loss of sleep, depression, an unexplained change in behaviour and an increased interest in anything sexual. Emotional / psychological abuse This can include bullying, threatening behaviour, verbal abuse, swearing, exploitation, devaluing an individual’s self esteem and conveying feelings of worthlessness. An unexpected change in behaviour, insecurity, submissive behaviour, depression, emotional fear, confusion and loss of sleep are possible signs to look out for. Financial abuse This involves theft of property or money, mismanagement or misappropriation of an individual’s finances or denying access to individual’s own finances with particular regard to persons with learning difficulties or the elderly. Possible indicators include the individual being short of money all the time when there should be sufficient funds available, unpaid bills, unexplained cash withdrawals, unusual bank account

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