Sexual Harrassment Essay

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Trident University International MAE506 Law and Ethics in Education Module 4 Case Assignment Sexual Harassment Constance J. Nance Dr. Michael Cupples 2 September (Ramirez, 2011) 2013 Retrieval date: 22 Aug 2013 Write a 2-3 page (double spaced) paper in which you use the article and case in the modular background reading to: Analyze the concept "sexual harassment" and Discuss actions that constitute sexual harassment in the education environment and how common it is; 1. Refer to case law related to sexual harassment in an education environment. 2. What responsibility do schools have to end or prevent sexual harassment? Case assignment expectations: • Your work is to demonstrate graduate-level writing abilities; • Be sure to cite and list all references (and refer to the modular background readings in your paper). Sexual Harassment Introduction The United Nation has defined sexual harassment as requests for sexual favors, unwanted sexual advances, and other physical or verbal conducts that are sexual in nature. Unwelcomed behavior is the critical word that defines sexual harassment. Unwelcomed behavior in regard to sexual harassment does not imply “voluntary” as victims of sexual harassment may agree to certain actions and actively take part in them even when they are offensive and objected by the victim (United Nations, 2002). Sexual harassment is term that encompasses many things, which include unwanted sexual looks or gesture; actual or attempted rape or sexual assault; unwanted pressure for sexual favors; unwanted deliberate pinching, cornering, leaning over or unsolicited telephone calls, letters, and material of sexual nature (United Nations, 2002). The focus of this paper will be to define sexual harassment in an educational environment, discuss case law in education environment and the responsibility do

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