Sex Without Love

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Kyree Simon English 102 Dr. Adams 31 January 2012 “Looking For Love in All the Wrong Places” Sharon Olds poem “Sex without Love” is a poem expressing the authors’ attitude toward loveless sex as a cold and damaging act. Instead of using lines of symbolism, Sharon Olds uses clear details to get her point across. The things that are compared with the idea of sex without love are usually seen by us teenagers as a good idea. Due to the time period this was written in that idea wasn’t so beautiful. Women in this time period went through a lot (such as…) and did not take view sex as most women take view it today. Now days most people take sex without love as pleasure, but some confuse it with love. Once you start to have sex feelings seem to take over, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. It can be a good thing because it can help boost chemistry. It can hinder things a relationship because one can really be in love and one could just be faking love for the pleasure, which means they have no feelings for the person at all. With this being said, Sharon’s poem “Sex without Love” frames a strong message on how harsh sex without love can be to women who are doing it out of love. Good Introduction As the poem beings begins, Sharon Olds asks a question that everyone thinks they have an answer to but no one really knows which is “How do they do it, the ones who make love without love?” That question alone already tells us that she’s not happy with people having sex if there not in love. She also uses objects that seem normal to the eye, such as the ice skaters, new born babies, religion, and runners, unfortunately these images mean more than just what they are said to be. You have to go deep in meaning. The forms of images provide an understated disapproving to the lines. What I mean about going deep in meaning, I went as far as to look up what

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