Country Lovers vs the Walking Table Essay

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Tanea Shackleford Country Lovers vs. The Welcome Table Racial Discrimination Eng 125 Hannah Martin 4 Feb 12 When you think of racial discrimination, what do you think of? In the two short stories I have chosen to compare and contrast, you see the hatred or the unequal behavior acted against African Americans. In “Country Lovers”, written by Gordimer, she tells a story about a white boy who falls for an African American girl, for which, her father works for this white boy’s father. The two know of the forbidden love, yet the two don’t care until things really hit the fan when the young girl then gets pregnant. In this story a white male and an African American girl were to never been seen together. This yes, was considered taboo. Where as today, some may still feel a certain way when other races date not that of their own, but it is still considered acceptable to most. In addition, there was also racial discrimination in “The Welcome Table” written by Walker. This short too tells a story of an old African American woman who just wants to be closer to the Lord. She doesn’t see anything wrong with going to church, but when she steps in the wrong church, the same church with all the babies and people she helped raise and take care of, they throw her out because of the color of her skin. It was pretty sad when we read these stories. Although each had a different tone and setting to how each one ended. The two authors both told in third-person omniscient, and gave us a feeling of how each character felt. In both stories, racial discrimination was a problem. In conclusion with racial discrimination the theme can defiantly be from each authors background and stories that race and ethnicity caused much adversity amongst us as a whole, and the figures of speech and symbolism within each showed. Before I breakdown each story and

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