Self Defeating Behaviour

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Describe and evaluate two approaches to the treatment of self-defeating behaviour Words in total:2463 In This essay I will define and give an example of self defeating behaviour. I will also describe and evaluate different approaches to it’s treatment in counselling. “But behaviour in the human being is sometimes a defence a way of concealing motives and thoughts as language can be a way of hiding your thoughts and preventing communication.” Abraham Maslow Ever wondered why people engage in seemingly self-destructive behaviour? That is, why do people do things that appear to be against their best interests? Why do they continue to engage in troublesome behaviour even though it consistently leads them into a state of utter misery? We've all seen this in our friends and even, regrettably, in ourselves. For example, consider the following scenarios: The friend who always chooses dead-beat partners.Why someone who's very bright and outstanding in their field, always chooses "dead-beat" partners? While their unemployed friend relaxes and "lives high off the hog," she's busily working, paying living expenses and taxes for two. Eventually, she questions the wisdom of her ways and abandons her intimate only to replace him/her with a "look-a-like". To everyone else, the warning signs are apparent, but she's ignoring to them. Why can't she see what is transparent to those closest to her? Someone works long hours for low pay while the boss is out establishing his consulting business And, what about those smart and talented colleague with unique skills? Why does she always end up underpaid and overworked? She admits that she would like to find another job, but she feels it would be disloyal to cut back on her 80-hour work week to make time to pursue that goal. So, she subordinates
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