Self Concept Paper

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We all have concepts or perceptions of ourselves which continually develop and evolve over the course of our lifetimes. These self concepts are the total appraisal of our self, who we are when we add up all of the bits and pieces of each of our lives. Our self concept answers the question; do we have something to offer? A few of the most critical aspects in the development of an individual’s self concept include his/her physical and emotional traits, his/her relationships with others (family, friends, co-workers, etc.), and his/her sense of self-worth or his/her self-esteem. An individual’s self concept is constantly changing as we interact with and react to all of the different people we each encounter in our daily lives. The variety of roles we each play or fulfill in our day-to-day lives help to shape and reinforce our own unique self concept. We should all continually evaluate and examine ourselves honestly and critically, and be willing to modify any behavior which needs modification, if we hope to become self-aware members of our society. I believe that potentially the most critical aspect of an individual’s self concept comes from the childhood messages we all receive as we are growing up. We are a product of our environment; to what extent remains a topic of debate. How we view ourselves and how we feel or believe others perceive us begins to develop at a young age and continues to shape our development as we grow into adults and throughout our lives. Thus, other’s reactions to us are vital in the development of a positive and strong self concept. The love and support of those close to us, the significant others in our life play a vital role in our self concept. Thus, other people’s reactions to us are critical for the development of a positive and strong self concept. So much of whWho we are today is the result of the sum total of our past
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