Self Assessment Paper

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Self Assessment Paper Who am I and what is my purpose? That is a question that has taken several decades to evolve into an answer. Dale E. Turner said “it is the highest form of self-respect to admit our errors and mistakes and make amends for them” (Turner, 1993, p.17). I am a self-directed learner thirsting for more knowledge and ways to improve organizational settings, particularly educational settings. Through my management eyes, I have seen obvious flaws in the educational sector which has birthed some great strategies that I believe with my sense of leadership coupled with my effective communication skills and perfection of my areas of growth will allow me to make a difference in organizational settings. I have valuable strengths. One of my strengths lies in the ability to solve problems and come up with effective strategies. I can observe a situation and discover the root causes that will then help me to determine a map for success for that particular problem. For instance, in the school where I work, I noticed that students were poor note-takers so I brought this to the attention of the administrators, and after observation I trained teachers and we implemented the Cornell Note Taking System, school wide. We saw an immediate improvement in student engagement and overall classroom management. This is also an example of one of my other strengths, which are leadership and management. In my school, I was recognized as a leader teacher whom exemplified stellar classroom management skills. This achievement helped me when I sat on the school wide discipline committee to come up with procedures and protocols for the school. Many of my ideas were used and thus led to a significant decrease in office referrals by teachers. Another area of strength is my ability to respect and value differing viewpoints. Based on GCU’s Doctoral Dispositions, “a doctoral learner
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