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Reflection on “Outside Perspectives: Professional Appreciation and Celebration” The class on 12-16-09 revolved around the text, Teaching and Leading From the Inside Out A Model for Reflection, Exploration, and Action, Chapter 7, “Outside Perspectives: Professional Appreciation and Celebration” and the “Afterword: Integrating Our Personal and Professional Selves.” I found the comment on page 106 interesting, “…schools are in deep trouble” in regards to the perspective of many people about the status of schools. This sparked the following thoughts for me. I have experienced similar responses when people discover I am a teacher: “Oh, boy! You have your work cut out for you.” Or, “Wow, teaching kids today is rough—better you than me.” For me, the comments I receive can range from this end of the spectrum to the other end; the stigma that old-time teachers created of the mentality where some people still think teachers are overpaid and under worked and have an easy job with plenty of time off. For the school I work at, Bristol County Agricultural High School, we do suffer from negative stigmas the public perceives of us. Many people still view it as a “farm school” or as an “almost reform school” from some of the demographics and situations in the past; however, the school has radically changed in the past 15-20 years. We have a school recruiter who fights this “battle” and works very hard in her job as our PR person. She regularly submits positive stories and photos to area newspapers in an effort to publicize the positive things our students and staff do. These thoughts and aspects mesh with the introduction to Chapter 7 from the book. I believe that our school and staff do a fairly good job of recognizing positive contributions from our school community (students, teachers, and staff)> Yet, when I read about the “stolen idea” in-service day on page
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