Self-Analysis: A Career As A Therapist

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Self-Analysis Kimberly L. Adams CNSL/502 Graduate Portfolio I September 24, 2013 Dr. Ed Schroll Self-Analysis As an eighth grade junior high school student, I knew I wanted a career as a Therapist. I was given an assignment to interview and write a paper about a person in my life who had an interesting career that I would like to aspire to later in life. My godmother, Joycelyn Crumpton who I have always adored was my first choice. At this period of my life, Joy (what I have always called her) had completed her graduate studies at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), and was becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with the Los Angeles County Social Services department. In wanting to gain as much information…show more content…
My goal is draw the focus away from individual problems and toward the relationship and issues within the relationship. Family therapy embraces multiple truths and hypothetical enlightenment regarding the reasons for certain human behavior. Through couples therapy sessions I want to take a centric view, using principles and techniques to concentrate on and caring for the mental and emotional concerns of the couple. Most couples come to counseling when they are in misery; communication has broken down, and cannot remember why they fell in love. And, want to possibly try one more thing for the kids before they contact the divorce attorney. It is during these sessions I want to make sure the couple understands this will be different from traditional therapy since the focus will be on viewing and understanding client issues as a couple. This is hard work, the relationship did not turn sour overnight and therapy is not a quick fix, nor will it deliver in a happy ending. And sometimes, counseling sessions result in showing a couple an ending. This is the type counseling that my former husband and I participated in and through our sessions we learned how important it was to for our son to see his parents as a united front. We also discussed concerns we faced as a divorced couple with a small child accepting the separation, and later on learning to deal with the…show more content…
In the Counseling profession, my Strength is my compassion and general desire to connect with people on a deep level. I want to know why one person’s past can affect their future and all those they come in contact with or why one chooses to bury an event and it takes another event, tragic or joyous to bring those feeling to the surface. My Weakness is my tendency to get to personally involved with a problem, event, or person. This is the component in the Counseling profession that I know will give me the most challenges but in turn will help me gain the most experience from the mistakes that I am bound to make. The Opportunity is that I am a person that takes criticism well. For the last two years working for a supervisor who blamed me for many of his idiosyncrasies and short comings, I now understand how to listen for the information that can propel my spirit and let things said to break my spirit roll off my back. The Threat for me is staying motivated, positive, and letting my new supervisor, who is extremely supportive of my choice to get my Master’s

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