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Section 1 Study Questions (27.0 points) Answer each question fully. Complete sentences are not necessary, but some questions may require more than one sentence to answer them fully. Lesson 1 (4.0 points) 1. What is the Internet? (1.0 points) A collection of computers that are linked together by wires, cables, and wireless connections 2. List at least two pieces of personal information that you should not include in a username. (1.0 points) Bank account, where you live 3. A safe password for a Google account has at least what number of letters and numbers? (1.0 points) 8 letters and numbers 4. If you don't sign out of your Google account when you're done using it, what might happen? (1.0 points) Someone else can use your account Lesson 2 (5.0 points) 1. List at least two questions you can use to help decide whether a website's information is trustworthy. (2.0 points) Who is the author, what is the website’s purpose 2. A web address with the domain suffix .com or .net is probably a website that is run by ___________. (1.0 points) Businesses 3. What can you do to stop inappropriate content text and pictures from appearing in search results? (1.0 points) Use the Safe Search Filtering system 4. What is a dead link? (1.0 points) A link to a web page without any content Lesson 3 (5.0 points) 1. List at least two advantages of using email. (1.0 points) Email services are simple to use, email usually sends instantly 2. What are the three parts of an email address? (1.0 points) Username, at symbol (@), domain name 3. How are the Cc field and the Bcc field different? (1.0 points) In Cc field email addresses don't need to be kept private from the other recipients of the email and in Bcc field addresses of people who should be kept informed, without the knowledge of the other people who received the email 4. What are the

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