Nt2580 Unit3 Assignment1

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Unit 3, Assignment 1 Anthony Correll January 16, 2015 NT2580 Remote access security policy involves the policies and conditions that are in place that allow users to connect to servers when out of the network. In the case of Richman industries, they are interested in maintaining connections with their users, and sharing app data that is on a server for their day to day operations. In their case, I would have access policy that is based on Explicit Allow policies. This means that the policy grants “Permission” to access the servers remotely if the connection attempt matches the policy conditions. Some of the requirements would include strict control enforced via one-time password authentication or public keys with strong pass-phrases. Also, anyone trying to gain access must not be connected to any other network at the same time, aside from personal home networks under the user's complete control. Further, employees with access must not use email accounts other than the company's standards, so that personal use won't be confused with business. Users must have approved virus control and spyware protection in place on all devices accessing the company network. Remote access will be limited in certain areas, while at least Applications will be approved for access (Shared application data is an important part of Richman’s network). Systems and system settings will not be accessible from remote, out of network connections, to protect from outside alterations of systems or system settings, and any Data access will be read only, with safeguards in place to prevent data from being altered or stolen. Further, access to various Systems and Data, etc will be protected by Network Segmentation. We will create security trust zones in order to control and thereby grant access to remote users. This works in conjunction

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