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Question 1 Grade Average= (67.4 + 86.4 + 79.2 + 80 + 68.2) / 5 = 76.24 Question Score= (0.15 * 76.24) = 12 Question 2 Grade Score= 55% Question Score= (0.10 * 55) = 5.5 Question 3 A VPN (virtual private network) is a way of creating a secure connection over the public internet say from a teleworkers province, to their employer’s headquarters. The user is authenticated and the sensitive data being sent through the VPN tunnel is encrypted. This therefore makes using VPN over the internet, similar to having a dedicated layer 2 leased line. Cisco SSL (Secure Socket Layers) is used to encrypt the data before it is sent through the VPN tunnel. It uses a variety of algorithms to provide authenticity and integrity of the data, and uses session keys. Client based SSL gives authenticated users access to the company’s network as if it was part of the LAN. Clientless SSL would provide the user with a web browser address where they will find a login page. This means that the worker can still access company files without a company regulated device IPsec is a secure bulk of open standards created by IETF. By not relying on a specific algorithm, it allows the suite to be modified in the future to support even more security methods. It operates at the network layer, encrypting IP packets making them confidential so that only the receiving device can accept and read them. In addition, it uses checksums to see if the data packet has been manipulated during transfer. IPsec uses Internet Key Exchange to ensure authentication with usernames, passwords, pre shared keys and digital certificates For IPsec, AES is considered the best form of encryption available. It uses a 128 bit shared secret key to decrypt and encrypt data being sent through the VPN. AES is a form of symmetric encryption meaning that the data is encrypted and decrypted by using the same Pre Shared Key.

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