Second Chance For Felons

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Convicted felons of the world today are not equally privileged as those who are not convicted felons. Many people believe that felons shouldn’t receive another chance due to the crimes that the individual have committed or been found guilty of. Whatever the situation may be, there should always be room for chances. God gives us chance after chance on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Acts 13:38 (NIV) states “Therefore, my brothers, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you.” This clearly supports the fact that we are human and are going to make mistakes and should be forgiven. Some important reasons why convicted felons should be given another chance has a great deal to with employment, housing, and voting rights. The first reason why felons should be given another chance is related to the employment/career field. Almost, if not all felons experience some type of job denial after applying for a job that they’re qualified for. This definitely discourages a felon from job seeking and depending on the individual, may even push them back to the life they used to live. Having a felony on your record shouldn’t limit your job hunting search and/or job offers. I can say that job denial should depend on the nature of the crime, length of time since offense(s), and last but not least, your job qualifications and references. Of course if a convicted felon has problems gaining employment; housing becomes another key problem for the felon. Many apartment communities do not allow felons to reside on their property, no matter if the crime was violent or non-violent, old or new. After conducting a brief survey of apartment communities that would allow felons to reside on their property, I discovered that there was very few. It seems as if felons are never allowed a second chance, that chance to redeem themselves

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