Theories of Life After Death

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“Theories of Life after Death do not provide a solution to the problem of evil” Discuss. The problem of evil is believed by Christians to have begun with the story of Adam and Eve. This is because Adam ate the forbidden fruit which showed to God that Adam was sinful and had an evil streak in him with which he would betray people as long as he got what he wanted. Adam was easily influenced by the snake and this aspect of evil has now been passed through to everyone in the world as we all stemmed from Adam and Eve. This is an aspect of moral evil as Adam influenced it himself and this is believed to have been passed down to all humans which allows us to have evil characteristics within our natures. However, Christians also believe that “good” people are rewarded in the afterlife, and people who have behaved badly are punished. Justice is not always served in this lifetime so people now believe it must be served in the afterlife, therefore suggesting that there is an afterlife and a part of us goes to it to be rewarded. This would suggest that the statement is wrong as theories of life after death do allow belief that there is a solution for the problem of evil. It also suggest that more people might strive to do the right things in life so that they get rewarded in the afterlife, this would also cut the crime rates and make people better and more virtuous. Some people struggle to believe that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnibenevolent as he allows there to be both moral evil and natural evil. If God is all powerful then he should be able to control natural disasters and not allow them to happen, he would also limit the amount of evil people there are in the world and would punish them for it in this life as well as the afterlife. This proves to be the problem for most people in believing in God, as they do not see the point as he does not reward the
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