Scout Finch Is a Lady

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Metamorphosis Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, Scout Finch is slowly changing and becoming like a lady. Jean Louise or Scout Finch, from To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee is an adventurous, curious caring girl that loves to play outside with her brother Jem. In the book, their father Atticus is a lawyer for a black man, Tom Robinson who was wrongly accused of rape. Both kids learn and mature through this experience. They learn how they shouldn’t Jem and Scout live in a time where it was important for children to be mature. Many people such as her proper Aunt Alexandra wants Scout to mature and become more like a lady. At first, Scout tries extremely hard to fight the maturing stage that was coming upon her. However, little by little, Scout Finch is becoming more mature. Scout refuses it, yet she is becoming more and more mature throughout TKMB by Harper Lee. Anger management and being a girl are both things that Scout struggles to mature throughout the book. Scout truly believes that she is not becoming more like a lady. She cannot see herself maturing and growing up. By the end of TKMB by Harper Lee, the change in Scout from the beginning to the end is extremely conspicuous to the readers and her family although it may not be to Scout herself. Scout Finch never wanted to be like her Aunt Alexandra, who was always trying to be polite and lady like. Scout tells her aunt that she didn’t wear dresses because she wouldn’t be able to do “things that required pants” (81). Scout never does anything that requires a skirt, other than going to church. If she did wear a skirt, she is telling her aunt that she wouldn’t be able to do anything. Scout hated wearing dresses. When she was younger, scout refused to admit to uncle jack that she wanted to become a lady: “you want to grow up to be a lady don’t you?” I said not particularly”(79). At that point in her life, she

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