Bend It Like Beckham Essay

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The movie Bend it like Beckham depicts a young Punjabi woman who clashes with her family’s cultural traditional values, and faces discrimination from others around her. The film focuses on Jessmindah who wants to play soccer for an elite women’s soccer team, but her parents do not want her to take part in the sport. Jessie meets a young English woman named Jules who convinces her to play for the team without her parents knowing. In addition, Jules’ mother does not want her playing for the team either because she thinks only lesbians play soccer. Throughout the film these two women face many problems when it comes to playing for the soccer team. Between the cultural values of Jessie’s family, and the discrimination Jules faces with her mother seems to stop them from fulfilling their dreams. However, both these young women overcome the obstacles at the end when they are offered a full ride scholarship to America to play for the University of Santa Clara. The Punjabi cultural traditions are very special to the people and when the traditional values are not being followed controversy will occur. In the film, Jessie does not follow the Punjabi tradition and faces many problems with her family. In the beginning scene of the movie Jessie is having day dreams about playing on a soccer team with Beckham. However, her mother shows up in the dream and tells the anchor men that it is not ok for her to show her bare legs to men because it will disgrace the family. The disgrace upon the family would jeopardize the future for Jessie because her mother believes that she should focus more on cooking and being a lady rather than running around playing soccer. In addition, Jessie does not want to learn any of the cooking that she would need if she wanted to get married and focuses more on her soccer dreams. In addition, the other daughter that the Bhamras have is Pinky who is

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