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1.) Use the information in the case and some external research to understand the size and growth of the electric scooter market in the US. Based on this, what do you think the size of this market is? Please note: this should not include motorcycles Here is some info (add or delete whatever you like) The US electric scooter and electric motorcycle markets are forecast to record strong growth over the next five-year period. The electric scooter market is expected to exceed 41,000, while the electric motorcycle market is predicted to reach almost 28,000 vehicles by 2017. Market growth will be driven by state incentives and regulations, fuel costs and improving consumer perception. Industry…show more content…
The first course of action should have been to hire a market research team to find the statistics on what states had the most ridership for scooters and where high volume scooters were being sold. This would determine if the electric scooter business would be a viable business rather than just assuming it would. We would spend money on focus groups and see what people are really saying about electric scooters and our brand as a whole compared to gas ones. We could get a first hand look a what perceptions are out there about electric scooters compared to gas ones. We would have paid attention to how the economy was doing. If the market was in a recession and was going to be for a long period of time we would have manufactured a cost effective entry level electric scooter. One that would have the bare necessities to get from point a to b. An entry level price point would help fit the consumer’s needs. Once the brand was established and the market had recovered then we would start to introduce a higher end…show more content…
Reducing the cost of commuting reduces the financial burden on individuals. Focusing on releasing no harmful carbon emissions would make electric scooters especially appealing to anyone who cares about the environment. They're great for air quality and our environment as a whole and will help save our environment for our future children. Our marketing focus would be directly with colleges and universities. This would match up with our target 18 – 25 demographic. We would offer students who already have many expenses a transportation tool that would require barely any maintenance and no cost for gas leaving zero emissions. On most college campuses there's no need for automobiles. first year students can't have a car on campus or the cost makes it very expensive with car payments, insurance, parking, and gas. Electric scooters are ideal for college students because they wouldn’t have any of the expenses and automobile

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