Science Fiction Essay - I Robot and Black Hole Year 10

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Science fiction is a genre that explores human responses to changes in science and technology. Science fiction typically utilises innovative technology to make a significant social comment and out the present by posing questions about human nature and actions. ‘I, Robot’, directed by Alex Proyas, is a film set in Chicago 2035 where technology has advanced to enable the integration of robots into society. Proyas presents a powerful social comment through Del Spooner and his investigation into the death of the founder of robots, Dr Alfred Lanning. The plot forces the audience to question whether humans can control the technology they create and if our desire to continually make advancements in technology might be to humanity’s detriment. The novel, ‘Black Hole’, written by Geraldine Stowe, is set on a star colony called ‘Estra’ in the year 2305 where technology has become so advanced that nearly anything is possible. The social comment reminds the audience that even though we live in world full of advanced technology, our negative traits remain the same. This is presented through Dante and what he is forced to go through abuse just because he is different from his society Examples of futuristic and advanced technology are interspersed throughout, ‘I, Robot’, placing the film easily in the science fiction genre. Detective Del Spooner is employed to investigate the apparent suicide of Dr Alfred Lanning who “practically invented robotics.” During Spooner’s quest to uncover the truth, he stumbles upon Lanning’s “unique” creation, Sonny. While all robots are created to obey the three laws – “Sonny has the three human laws, but he can choose not to obey them. Sonny’s a whole new generation of robot.” Sonny is an example of futuristic technology as he has human characteristics unlike the other NS-5 robots. Sonny demonstrates his unique characteristics as he uses human
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