Compare And Contrast: Alien And Blade Runner

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Compare and Contrast Essay Ridley Scott, despite waiting until he was almost forty years old to make his first film, quickly became one of the most respected directors working in Hollywood. Scott was regarded as one of the best to his peers, thanks to classics like Alien (1979) and Blade Runner (1982). However, he did suffer harsh criticism, particularly with Thelma and Louise (1991), 1492: The Conquest of Paradise (1992), and White Squall (1996). Most directors would have wilted under the crushing failure, but Scott’s imperviousness to failure and drive to soldier on led him to achieve enormous success, starting with his Oscar-winning historical epic, Gladiator (2006), and American Gangster (2007), which earned the director his third Academy Award nomination for Best Director. Ridley Scott has always…show more content…
Alien and Blade Runner are both slowly paced to allow the audience to absorb the world that the elaborate production design creates. The two films make you simmer in the world they present before the story really begins. Alien premiered in 1979 as a merge of sci-fi and horror. It depicted a polluted, resource-starved future where, despite living in a more advanced future, society still relies on the exploitation of the ‘blue collar’ people. A mining crew ordered by their employer, the “Company”, to investigate a possible alien presence in a mining colony. A discovery, which endangers all of humanity, is fought by an everyday ‘blue collar’ worker. Blade Runner, which came out in 1982, presents the same polluted, resource- starved universe as in Alien. As well as another ‘blue collar’ worker who in an impossible circumstance that threatens our existence. Both Alien and Blade Runner are similar in tone and have a bleak atmosphere. Ridley Scott’s idea of the future is stark, realistic, and share several themes. One of these themes is a dystopian future, ruled by the greedy

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