School Aged Children's Milestones

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The school-age child exhibits some characteristic behaviors such as being daring and adventurous, having confidence that exceeds physical capacity, playing in hazardous environments, need of peer approval and delights in physical activity. It’s no wonder that accidents are the leading cause of death in all childhood age groups. Falls, burns, bicycle or motor vehicle accidents, bodily damage and drowning are some of the accidents that can occur at this age group. Most of these accidents can be prevented and we must encourage parents to educate themselves and their children about the various hazards that they may encounter. Car seat recommendations, water safety, stranger awareness, pedestrian safety and the correct use of protective gear (helmet, knee pads, etc) are some of the topics that Michelle should discuss with her son. There are organizations, such as Safe Kids USA, that provide an abundant amount of information and activities for children on safety. The milestones that ta parent can expect from their seven-year-old would be developing a positive self-esteem, learning new concepts and learning and using tension releasing behaviors. This age group should be near mastering fine motor skills, vocabulary expansion and having an improved muscle mass. By the time a child reaches the ripe old age of 10, peer influences play a major role in how these youngsters behave. Boys should now be at the stage where they are teasing girls, becoming more dependable and the beginning stage of rebellion may begin. At this age, fine motor skills should be mastered, their knowledge base expands with new concepts learned at school and their bodies prepare for puberty. Teaching health promotion for adolescents should include topics on adequate nutrition, rest, balanced exercise, and proper immunization against disease. Some adolescent-specific safety and health issues include
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