How To Promote Child Development 0-3 Years

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Development – Ages 0-3 years Physical development: Usually by 6 months a child will:  Be turning their head towards sound when they hear it.  Reach up to hold feet when lying on their backs  Look and at least attempt to reach for objects.  Hold and shake a rattle  Place things in their mouth. Between 6 months and 1 year:  Will go from needing support whilst sitting to sitting unaided.  Be able to roll over from their stomachs to their backs.  Begin to creep, crawl or shuffle  Pull or push against objects or an adult to be able to stand up.  Raise arms to indict they want to be picked up.  Look for things that have been dropped.  Reaches hand towards source of food Between one and two years:  They will begin to…show more content…
Meeting the young person’s needs Most teenagers want reassurance when the dramatic changes of puberty kick in. Being a late or early developer can be tricky and schoolmates can be tactless and competitive. The practitioner can help the child find more productive ways to exercise their skills by encouraging them to debate and voice their opinions on current events or controversial topics. Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools 17 Why it is important to track developmental changes Any developmental delays must be addressed quickly so that interventions can be introduced as soon as possible. It is important to keep a close check on a child’s developmental changes for the following reasons:  Generally, children need to learn developmental skills in a consecutive order. A delay in one skill will have a knock-on effect on other skills. For example, a child needs language skills before she will be able to write.  Sometimes if a child has a delay in one area (i.e. speech) it can affect other developmental areas (i.e. social and emotional). Early identification and intervention of problems in one area will therefore helps to ensure that a child makes progress across all areas of
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