Schindler India Case

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Silvio Napoli at Schindler India Silvio Napoli, a young Italian Harvard-educated MBA was selected as head of India expansion project from Schindler Holding Ltd., a Swiss multinational elevator and escalator manufacturing company. Napoli was involved in the planning of the Indian subsidiary and in implementing the strategy he prepared at the headquarters. He had to make core strategic decisions as he was faced with challenges from local Indian management team and Schindler’s European supplier plants. Though Schindler had a presence in India earlier through local distributors, they now want to enter the market as a wholly owned subsidiary. According to their plan Silvio Napoli recruited his highly qualified team in India. Napoli was yet to understand the Indian culture and the prevailing local market conditions. The key problems as I see them are: 1) Silvio Napoli had very little international experience; though he was successful in Switzerland, there were several factors that limited his success in India. He is a task oriented individual and had a high warrior and low monk attributes. Being born and brought up in India, I strongly believe that to be a successful business man in India, a person have to be a fighter and also have some patience for the business plan to take effect. Silvio did not come across as a person who is flexible enough to change his attitude when dealing with different cultures. 2) In a market that is driven by customization, launching of a standard product like S001 might not yield the desired results. 3) Since 1991 Indian market was expanding due to liberal economic policies. The competition in the market was very high amongst the already established brands and Schindler was yet to establish its brand name in the Indian market. 4) With the increasing import duties, outsourcing the production of the parts within India is a great plan,

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