Saudi Arabia & British culture

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Saudi Arabia & British culture Comparatively vast difference between the two culture of British and the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Regarding to their culture, habits and religious there is also found similarities between the two cultures. I’ll going through this paper for showing the similarities & the differences. Saudi Arabia Government has its own tradition & customs which keeping the country more unique than other countries in around the world, for example governmental laws, women rights, dresses, customs, foods, religion treat……etc. British will seem very strange to Saudi Arabian people. As Saudi people living in the British they will take more time for acting with people there and their traditions, the same as British people when they will visit Saudi Arabia, it will becoming very strange to them for finding the way in forcing with the new culture and customs. Government Politics & Law Saudi Arabia government deepened on monarch system which is ruled by the sons and grandsons Kings. Also claims that they ruled the country based on Holy Qur'an, the basis of the Sharia (Islamic Law). In Saudi Arabia they don’t have national elections, except the local elections which were held in the year 2005. (BBC News, 2004) The Saudi government spreads Islam by funding construction of mosques and holy teachings. (Ghafour, Abdul, 2008) Criminal cases as per Islamic law in Saudi Arabia. These courts exercise authority over the entire region includes every one Saudis as well as outsider, cases may also be tried under Sharia acts, cases in their own courts. Other civil cases and enforcement of foreign judgments are also regularly held for the Settlement of Labor Disputes and the Board of Grievances. Since the Britain becoming amongst 3 countries in the world today that does not have a codified rules mostly of written sources, including statutes, judge
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