Sanshou Should Be an Official Olympic Sport

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Sanshou should be an Official Olympic sport Sanshou is a form of Chinese kung fu ,but not really the type of kung fu Americans would think of .Sanshou as practiced by the Chinese military is based on the Chinese Art of War, physics, anatomy, bio-mechanics, and human physiology. It is a complete system of realistic unarmed combat covering the skills of striking, grappling, wrestling, ground-fighting, and weapon defenses taken from various Chinese and foreign martial arts and hand-to-hand combat styles. The sport of Sanshou is rising in popularity all over the world. It is a kickboxing style that is fought on a platform called a "Lei Tai". Fighters wear boxing gloves, headgear, and body protectors (Oakland, Ross1). It is full contact kicking and punching with throws and sweeps allowed. Knees, elbows, head butts, joint manipulation and chokes are not allowed(during competiton). The fighters are gloved up like boxers and enter to pumping rock music, too .In action, they grapple like wrestlers and launch kicks to their opponents amour like taekwondo athletes. Then a gong, not a bell sounds end to end (Calcum,MacLeod) The sport of Sanshou is rising in popularity all over the world. Here in Texas Sanshou isn’t really popular, it is more known in the east coast (California). SanShou made an Olympic debut during the Beijing Olympics as a demonstration sport. That means athletes cannot medal but often times it is the first step to a sport becoming an official Olympic sport. I will explain why it needs to become officially part of it formal games. Wushu Tournament Beijing (Olympic debut) 2008 Kicked off at the Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, just south of the birds nest, the main Olympic stadium. Right before the actual Formal games started. It was Approved by the international Olympic Committee, but is not a formal part of its summer games, this four day tournament

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