Morgan Logan Commercial

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One World, One Card Don’t you just hate it when you go all the way to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games; only to have your MasterCard get declined? Well that will never happen when you use your Visa Card. Morgan Freeman, in the latest Visa Olympic commercial, suggests that we must unite our world by using “the only card accepted at the Olympic Games.” The purpose of this advertisement is to grab their potential customers’ attention by making them feel like they are making a difference in the world. Visa, along with Morgan Freeman, attempt to take advantage of their Olympic sponsorship by appealing to the television audience. The rhetor, or presenter, of this advertisement is Morgan Freeman; he is a well known public figure around the globe. He has countless years of experience and is very well respected; not only as an actor, but as a human rights activist as well. Morgan Freeman was chosen to narrate this commercial because of how well recognized his voice his, as well as the effect he can have on the potential viewers. Freeman narrates the commercial but is never seen on screen. Morgan Freeman is used to place a gentle yet authoritative image in the viewers mind. He uses a soft tone in order to not come across too forcefully, but still get the message across the millions of viewers. He gives the advertisement…show more content…
Visa attempted to reach viewers from different cultures, ethnicities, and gender. The advertisement was shown throughout the Olympics, but especially during its primetime coverage of the games. Morgan Freeman begins by showing how we are all unique and different from one another, but then he displays how we can all unite as one. Visa wanted to make sure that as many people as possible saw their commercial. Visa was able to take advantage of their millions of dollars of advertising money by presenting a commercial that everyone can relate to in some way or
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