A Seperate Peace

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“A Separate Peace” The book and the movie versions of “A Separate Peace” are very close to the same story, but with every book/movie combination there are differences. The differences between the two make them unique. Some of the differences between the two are the Olympics, Leper going crazy, and Gene’s attitude for Finny. These scenes could have changed the way the story was perceived. “A Separate Peace” a deep and complex storyline that changes slightly between the text format and the movie format. The first main difference between the book and the movie was the scene about the Olympics. The book only referenced Finny and Gene were training for the Olympics, and the movie actually showed them having a mini Olympics. The movie focused much more on the training aspect of their Olympic dreams; it was only a small point in the book. This changed how people viewed Finny’s drive to make Gene an athlete, the movie makes him seem more adamant about Gene winning. In the book and in the movie Leper goes crazy and gets kicked out of the army. In the book Finny first finds Leper after leaving the chapel, and in the movie Gene first sees Leper out his room window. Also, in the book, Gene and Leper talk about his discharge at Leper’s house; In the movie Gene talks to Leper in a small wooden hut Leper had made. The Movie makes Leper seem way more wild and dangerous than he seemed in the book. In the book Gene has a hidden hatred for Finny. He doesn’t know why he hates Finny but in his head he can’t stand him. In the movie Gene is more open about his dislike. For example, It looks like he maliciously wiggles Finny out of the tree, whereas, Gene seems to subconsciously does it in the book. The book and the movie versions of “A Separate Peace” are very similar, but have distinct, unique differences. They both tell the story of how Gene found himself in
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