Sanofi Valuation Essay

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Activity : Sanofi is a global pharmaceutical group engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of healthcare products. It’s now the fifth largest pharmaceutical group in the world and the third largest pharmaceutical group in Europe. Sanofi is the parent of a consolidated group of companies, the whole group is initially organized around three activities: Pharmaceutical products, Human Vaccines and Animal Health products. The subsidiaries present in approximately 100 countries on five continents with 113,719 employees at year end 2011. The current holding company is formed by multi mergers. The company has transformed by optimizing its R&D, increasing diversification, and investing in 6 growth platforms (Emerging Markets, Diabetes Solutions, Human Vaccines, Consumer Health Care, Animal Health, and Innovative Products). On April 4, 2011, the company acquired Genzyme Corporation, a leading biotechnology group specialized in the treatment of rare diseases. After this acquisition, Sanofi became a global leader in rare genetic diseases. The net sales amounted to €33,389 million in 2011 which is a key year for transformation. In 2011, Sanofi established six growth platforms which are Diabetes, Emerging Markets, Innovative Products, Human Vaccines, Consumer Healthcare and Animal Health. In 2008, 61% of sales originated from their top 15 products while in 2011, 65% of sales originated from Genzyme and other growth platforms. The best growth was in the Consumer Healthcare, Diabetes and Emerging Markets platforms. The company spends a lot of money on R&D to make progress in the future and develop more products and programs. In the animal health growth platform, Sanofi spended a lot of money which account for 37% of the affiliate’s sales on developing. Sanofi stands in a sector which is difficult to entry, so the competition is not as fierce as in other

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