Case Study: Bert Fish Emergency Department

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Bert Fish Emergency department analysis: A strategy to improve operations. Introduction: Since 1954 Bert Fish Medical center has served the residents and the community of Southeast Volusia County. Bert Fish Medical Center provides a wide range of services including radiology, oncology, cardiovascular services, wound care center, surgery program. Bert Fish employs many primary care physicians and has an indigent care primary care program through the hospitals charity division. In addition, Bert Fish has the busiest Emergency Department of any hospital its size. Since 2007, Bert fish has perused a strategy of expanding by starting Coronado Health Partners. Bert Fish employs Surgeons, cardiologists, Neurology, Orthopedics and Family…show more content…
Through its efforts, the health of the community and quality of life are enhanced. ( Bert Fish medical center has 260.73 million dollars in patient revenues and 16.69 million dollars in non-patient revenue (mainly as support from the county in tax dollars to support Indigent care). The hospital has net income of only 1.36 million after paying for expenses and accounting for depreciation. The net income leaves very little cash to support and expand the operations. In addition, newer technology requires that the hospital invest even more in providing the updated technology to its customers to be relevant in the competitive health care sector. Market Share: Bert Fish medical center has been having a challenging external environment and has been competing to keep its market share. The market share of Bert Fish (BFMC) in Volusia County as measured by inpatient discharges has been between 6.9-8.4% during the period of 2011-2013. Similarly, the Emergency Department has been having a market share of 10.2-11.1% in the county during the period of 2012-2013. Operations…show more content…
Unfortunately, the reach of the hospital and the Emergency department is limited to the geographic area of its location. It is not a co-incidence that the market share of Bert Fish Emergency Department is around 10-11% and the population of south-east Volusia county is around the same (as a percentage of the population of the county). Bert Fish Emergency department and the hospital can expand its reach beyond the limitations of its geographic location by opening up satellite centers. There was in an attempt to do so few years ago when the hospital had opened up a satellite Emergency department location in Venetian Bay (a new community of 2000 plus homes). The center was closed as it was not profitable and was hard to staff. Bert Fish may have to have a longer time horizon on such endeavors in the future and fund them till they are able to generate positive cash flows. Gaining market share will not only help with generating economy of scale but will also the hospital to show case their strength to the entire community of the

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