Sample Operating Room Policies and Guidelines

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POLICY I TIME AND ATTENDANCE Since the Nursing personnel are under-staff schedule of duty is on 24 hour basis. SECTION I. All personnel must report and leave on time based on the schedule of duty posted. POLICY II UNIFORM SECTION I. THE HOSPITAL UNIFORM. To be worn outside the Operating Room Theater 1. Color A. Monday: Shirt - White Pants - White B. Tuesday to Friday: Shirt – Light Blue Pants - White SECTION I. THE OPERATING ROOM SCRUB SUIT. 1. Any color will do as long as it is a scrub suit. 2. It must be clean, ironed and it is not used outside the OR Theater. 3. Whenever an Operating Room (O.R.) personnel goes outside the Operating Room, he/she should not wear the O.R. Scrub suit. A. Except only during immediate/emergency circumstances that he/she must go out of the O.R. Theater, provided that he/she must wear a smock gown over it. B. The gown should be long enough; at least 5-7 inches above the feet. C. The O.R. Scrub pants should not touch the floor when using a smock gown. D. He/she can wear scrub suit outside the O.R. provided that it should not be used inside the O.R., instead he /she should wear another set of scrub suit. SECTION II. SLIPPERS 1. Slippers must be washed/cleaned daily. 2. O.R. slippers must not be brought outside the premises of the O.R. Theater. SECTION III. STREET CLOTHES 1. Street clothes are strictly prohibited inside the O.R. theater except in the sub-sterile area. 2. Street clothes must not be worn under the scrub suit among the members of a surgical team. SECTION IV. SHOES 1. Shoes must be free from mud and any organic particles when entering the

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