Shaving In The Army

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Maintain standards on military appearance This is the first of two papers that I am writing due to two instances today. I was walking from the BOC, back to my tent when an NCO had stopped me and asked to see the materials I had been instructed to carry with me for two weeks due to showing up to my place out of duty unshaven. Without need to say, I didn’t have any of the four items, toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, and razor, on me. Since all I know about reasons to shave other than the fact of a clean shaven face presents more of a military appearance, I am going to more focus on how the fact I hadn’t shaved put me more out of uniform, and out of standard than any other reasons. Every minute of every hour that we as professional soldiers are on duty certain standards apply. Standards cover how we must look, what we can and cannot wear, regulations on our haircuts, must be clean shaven, and every other inch of our appearance. Standards go along with the discipline that we must have and maintain as soldiers which is the other topic this essay must cover, obeying instructions given to me by NCOs. Our uniforms must appear clean and neat, our boots must be presentable, laced from the bottom rings, to the top, and no excess of the laces can dangle freely. Our pant legs must be bloused. Our hair must be trimmed, and must be under certain lengths. We must maintain good personal hygiene for a professional appearance, again to include being shaven. Going along with the look we must maintain, are certain items that we are required to carry on us, or wear in the different uniforms that we wear day to day. The P.T. Uniform requires, dog tags along with any red tag pertaining to any allergies a soldier has, identification card, eye protection a gray PT shirt, Black Trunks, white socks at least ankle high or calf length according to the First Cavalry

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