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Problem: “How first year English major students, HULIS, VNU make use of vocabulary notebooks” Research questions: 1. Do students keep a vocabulary notebook? 2. What are the sources of the vocabulary items to be recorded in the notebook? 3. In what ways do students organize vocabulary notebooks? 4. What are the benefits of vocabulary notebooks as perceived by students? 5. What are the weaknesses of vocabulary notebooks as perceived by students? The target population: The participants of the study come from 7 classes of first year English major at ULIS (from QH12.E3 to QH12.E9). The researchers choose them because they are newcomers in university learning styles. Moreover, they are familiar with vocabulary learning strategies at lower level; however, it is unlikely to say that they understand thoroughly how to make use of this effective learning tool in their language learning practice. Besides, it is researchers’ ambition that the paper helps freshmen to be well-prepared for a new study environment as well as gain better orientation for the studying second language efficiently. Sampling: Cluster + convenience sampling Among 7 classes of first-year English major, we choose 1 class is which teacher and students are willing to take part in our study. Besides, this class should have different in-class scheme from ours so that we can hand out and collect questionnaires without missing our own class. Then, we choose 3 individuals who have vocabulary notebooks and always use them that are showed in result of questionnaire. Data collection: Instruments: questionnaire – observation – interview The questionnaire is the tool to investigate overall how first-year English major students in ULIS make use of vocabulary notebooks and to decide which students are suitable for interviewing. The observation

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