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1.0 INTRODUCTION Road safety agencies are organizations established to control the activities of vehicles on the road to ensure safety on the road. Amongst the functions of road safety agency are the promotion of road safety, research on accidents and road safety, driver testing and licensing, as well as establishing vehicle-related and other safe driving standards. (URL2) According to Binder and Runge (URL 1) the mission of the road safety agency includes setting and enforcing safety performance standards for motor vehicles and investigating defects in motor vehicle equipment, as well as developing interventions based on sound research. Basically what the road safety agency does is to ensure that people and goods get to their destinations in safely, by removing all the barriers or challenges that could impede free flow of movements on the road or situations that could result to accidents or deaths on the road. The agencies activities in curbing traffic accidents does a lot of good to the society, because people are kept healthy to contribute to the economy which enhances development on the one hand and on the other hand financial losses arising from damages to vehicles and medical bills spent on injured and dead victims are avoided. It doesn’t end here family members are spared the trauma of bereavement, and dependants are not denied their continuous assistance. Though leadership transformation of road safety agencies is enormous, we will dwell on the two below: I. PUBLIC HEALTH Accidents and injuries in the field of road traffic are a major public health problem in the world. World Health Organization (WHO) road traffic injuries account for one quarter of the global burden of injuries ranking sixth among leading causes of death and burden of disease. Binder and Runge (URL1) opined that the importance of having an agency devoted to road traffic safety

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