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Marc Colarubio Mr. Ole Eng. 1A 2/9/12 Bacardi party Bacardi, this famous name of rum is known around the world, and this year it celebrates its 150 years of existence with a party. Beautiful women in attractive clothes and big hair-men with nice suites and attractive smiles all gather around this favorable rum and share the laughs the rum brings to them. Showing to the audience of this ad how much fun you can have when you enjoy a nice drink with a bit of Bacardi. This ad was found inside of a sports magazine, mostly intended for men, but sometimes read by women. The ad itself has more women than men, thus using the sex appeal for the beautiful woman dressed in low cut dresses and red lipstick. Wherever you see a bottle with two bat seals on the top, you know Bacardi is right there to party with you these recognizable symbols assure you that there is no other imitation Bacardi, it’s a one of a kind. With Bacardi around, you are bound to have a very good time. This advertisement is a party scene from 1957. The date on the top corner of the ad confirms the date they were trying to use. This ad does not look like your modern party today. The women all are wearing nice dresses with their shoulders bare, a red lip shade, thick heavy eyeliner above their eyelid and their hair is in a new wave fashion (New wave, a way women would style their hair in the 1950’s) some other women are styling a “pump”-the pump was also worn in the 1950’s where the woman would tease her hair and it would resemble a bee-hive. Then men are all wearing suites with ties, one man is wearing a top hat looking very classy and sophisticated. The lighting in this ad is bright all of the people at this party have glow on them and the center of the picture drags your attention to the right corner, all of the guests at the party are staring to this right corner because of the waitress holding a

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