Female Gender Roles

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Title As a women in this society, places that I inhabit tend to be both gendered places. When in public at nights I go to bars where my gender tends to mingle and gossip with each other. Also some are on dates with their boyfriends/husbands, playing ping pong or pool, or they will be up at the bar’s stools talking to their significant other. During the day I will go to possibly a salon to get my hair-cut or my nails done. Women go to salons to make themselves feel more confident and look great. When I walk into a salon all I see are women lined up on salon stools in front of huge 6’ by 7’ mirrors with big bright lights laughing to their hairstylist. Their hairstylist who tend to be women but also flamboyant homosexual men, hairstyling is usually done by women because they know what us girls want, but men who hairstyle usually know what men want to see in women so they style their hair. Then at the very back of the salon are ladies getting pedicures and manicures, there is usually an occasional man who gets his nails done, which makes a lot of people second guess. For example I think, why is he getting is nails done? Is he homosexual? Is he getting actual color polish or clear polish? All of these questions because I am not use to seeing this in society. While growing up my mother made me think this way do to the way rules were in my household do to me and my brothers differences. Like my mother was more likely going to spend more money on clothes and make-up, compared to my brother who was bought nintendo games, toys, and paid for sports.My brother nor father never paid to get their nails done. In my household we had different chores that we would have to do. I would have to do and put away dishes in my mothers kitchen. Which was covered in all of her baked goods and foods she cooked. She left her desserts on the kitchen table on a glass dish by the window on
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