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Romeo and Juliet Paper Imagine this; a Shakespeare movie, set in a modern day, run-down city. The city seems to have absolutely no shortage of gangs and mobs that are running the streets. Hotrod cars along with pistols and assault rifles make their presence ever so evident. With a wrong slip of the tongue, gun fire erupts in the streets of Verona. This was the context for one of my favorite movies, Romeo + Juliet directed by Baz Luhrmann back in 1996. William Shakespeare has written poetry and play-scripts that will continue to inspire people for centuries to come. Whether it be on a stage in your local high school or in the Broadway/Hollywood spot light on the big screen. William Shakespeare is known as possibly the greatest writer of the English language and deservingly so. Unfortunately Shakespeare’s plays have been subject to change and scrutiny throughout the years. When the play was first being performed the representations were different than they are today as males played both parts of Romeo & Juliet. The plays representation was changed when women were finally allowed on stage after some changes to the culture and society. Even Hollywood filmmakers have done a remake of Romeo & Juliet in which the movie isn’t even set in old English times but rather in modern day. William Shakespeare’s play Romeo & Juliet has remained the same as its message transcends time, yet its representation has changed as English society has changed. The play Romeo & Juliet was written by William Shakespeare sometime in the early to mid 1590’s and broadcasts the message of forbidden love. As the prologue in original text says the story is about “A pair of star-cross’d lovers…” who in the end “..take their life”. The families of Montague and Capulet have been feuding for years as you come to find out in the beginning of the play. The story starts off with Romeo
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