Shakespeare And Pop Culture Essay

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Amanda Lichtl Audience and Pop Culture Research Shakespeare's plays were performed at the Globe Theater, which is located in London, England. The audiences at the Golbe Theater included the general public referred to as the groudlings who would stand in the pit of the theater. These audience members would pay one penny, which was almost an entire day's wage in order to stand in front of the stage. Shakespeare's audience members included butchers, millers, iron-workers, tanners, servants, shopkeepers, and countless other tradesmen along with their families. Rich nobles and other members of higher society also attended the plays, but they enjoyed the plays from covered galleries equipped with comfortable chairs set on the side of the stage.…show more content…
Many of his poems and plays are read and studdied in schools across America, and are very popular among older generations of people. In addition, several of Shakespeare's plays have been made into current movies, but with some adaptations. For example, “Othello” was made into “O”, “Taming of the Shrew” into “She's the Man”, and King Lear into “10 Things I Hate About You”. These modern adaptations include the same general story line and characters but contain and modern twist and have a few modifications. If you were to count these adaptations as works of Shakespeare, then he has a very large current audience. However, those who watch these modernized plays may have no idea that they were inspired by Shakespeare's works. Apparently, the audience of this great playwriter and poet has changed greatly since his time and era. However, the audiences of today and Shakespeare's era is somewhat similar in the way that all people enjoy his works. Back at the Globe Theater, the peasents came to watch Shakespeare's plays as well as the wealthy nobles. Similarly, everybody in today's society has read one of his works or has seen a modern adaptation of one of his plays. Shakespeare was the greatest and most talented writer of his time, and has kept that title throughout the years to the present. He will always be one of the most memorable and significant writer in history, and will continue his legacy for years to

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