Romeo & Juliet - who is to blame for the deaths?

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My essay is not complete it is just a start but feel free to use it Analytic Essay; Who is to blame for the deaths of romeo and juliet? Seda Demirkiran 10D when you hear the name romeo montague first thought you think is of a noble young boy who died for his one and only true love juliet capulet right? WRONG! the impression william shakespear has portrayed about romeo is completly wrong well at least i think anyway. now i just want you to think about the following scenario and how it relates to romeo. your at a park with a group of friends playing on the playground, a bully comes upto and wants to fight, you being the sensible peace keeper of the group back away. now your friends see's you backing away so he jumps in for you the bully pushes him to side saying its you he wants to fight with, being the peace maker you offer peace but the bully takes that as offencive and comes to you with a stick. Not wanting to get hurt you throw your friend infront of you resulting in him getting hit, falling over and dieing. the conclusion; who is to blame? the bully because he was the one who physically damaged him or you because you hid like a coward behind your friend. now you're probly thinking what does that scenario got to do with romeo and juliet, if you think carefully back to the scene where mercutio was stabed by tybalt you'll soon come to understand that because of romeo's cowardly approach he was the cause of his best friends death. There are so many factors to figure in to the deaths of Romeo and Juliet that it's difficult to pinpoint just one. The entire play leads up to their deaths, suggesting that their deaths are the effect of a cause. Two or three causes really; the first being their age, their youth, their hormones if you will, and their inability to control themselves; secondly, the society in which they live; one that does not
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